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Candice Luk is a jewellery designer currently residing in Hong Kong with her husband and young sons.  She began making jewellery in New York City, after graduating Magna Cum Laude and as a Founders' Day Scholar from New York University, with a degree in journalism.  Her career in journalism was sidetracked, when a fashion editor at a Condé Nast publication that Candice was interning at, complimented her taste in jewellery and suggested that Candice should be an accessories editor.  That comment stirred a hidden passion—not for journalism, but for jewellery—and was a catalyst for her desire to study metalsmithing and jewellery making. 

Candice’s love of the workbench and the jewellery studio has translated to her designs; her solid and substantial gold rings, bangles and pendants, are reminiscent of heavy tools and machinery found around the studio.  The ruggedness of the workbench also permeates her ethos in jewellery, and creates an interesting juxtaposition.  Candice’s own style veers towards intricate antique jewellery, but she needs her jewellery to sustain everyday wear at the workbench.  This necessity led to her first designs, creating jewellery that was feminine yet strong, sentimental yet practical. 


Candice believes that jewellery can be both delicate and tough at the same time, and this belief inspired her to create her eponymous line, Candice Luk Fine Jewellery, in 2008.  The line's Vesper, Harper, Esmé and Colette collections debuted at Lane Crawford department stores in Hong Kong in 2009.  The company opened its appointment-only showroom in 2011, where Candice meets clients to discuss bespoke orders, and serves as the main retail space for the line and a selection of antique jewellery and watches.  


CLFJ pieces are meant to be worn and enjoyed everyday.  Each piece is designed with subtle beauty and wearability in mind, and effortlessly fits into Candice’s evolving wardrobe and lifestyle as a working mother.  She hopes that her jewellery will become the loved and worn-in favourite of similar discerning individuals.  

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