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Candice Luk Fine Jewellery's signature collection is made in a small studio in Hong Kong. A handful of artisans focus on constructing unique and wearable fine jewellery, with an emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Since the company's inception in 2008, we have had an ongoing relationship with the same artisans, stone dealers, chain manufacturers, and casting refinery--giving us and our clients a firm sense of trust and loyalty.  CLFJ prides itself on being a small, independent, and ethically conscious company; our signature jewellery is the antithesis of factory-made.  We do our absolute best to ensure that the stones we use--sourced from trusted dealers--are conflict-free.  CLFJ has also made an effort to design jewellery, under the Kind Heart Collection and Modern Heirloom Collection, with the intention of raising funds for different charity organisations.  We understand that CLFJ is a business of privilege and that we are fortunate enough to make luxury items, so we would like to pay it forward.  Thank you for joining us.  

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