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14K solid yellow gold mismatched earrings. One earring is a plain gold triangle with a small triangle cutout in the center. Second earring is a plain gold diamond shape with a triangle-cut white cubic zirconia prong-set in one half. Mismatched earrings can be worn in one ear if you have a double piercing or worn 'normally' with one earring on each side. We are huge fans of mixing and matching pieces, and this extends to wearing non-matching earrings! Earrings have a post and butterfly catch.

1. Triangle with cutout is 6mm wide. 0.17g.
2. Diamond with triangle-cut white cubic zirconia is 4.1mm wide and 6.2mm long. 0.17g.


*Price is in HKD (approx $98 usd)

Triangle Cutouts Mismatched Earrings

  • Items purchased from the online store cannot be returned or exchanged.  All sales are final.  

  • If this item is out of stock, please email to enquire about back orders.  Thanks!

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