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*Pls read Manufacturing Time for information on the delivery schedule.  Thanks for your patience!


Matte-textured circle tag is 12mm in diameter with laser engraving of a hand-drawn lotus on one side and a handwritten (by Gillian Anderson) "taught NOT trafficked" slogan on the backside.


Bracelet is 7 inches in length, but is adjustable based on where you hook the clasp to the bracelet chain. Available in 18K yellow gold or sterling silver.  


*Bracelet chains of the 18K gold and sterling silver versions are slightly different, so please look at pictures for a comparison between the two.

Gillian Anderson Lotus Bracelet

SKU: CLFJ-016-1
  • CLFJ’s specially designed bracelet for Sold The Movie, features a delicate matte-textured circle tag with a hand-drawn lotus engraved on one side.  Candice found inspiration for her drawing of the lotus from the movie’s main character, Lakshmi, who represents millions of trafficked children around the world.  Lakshmi’s ability to find strength to break free from her captors and overcome suffering is represented by the symbol of the lotus, a flower that has long been associated with purity and rebirth.  Lotus flowers grow on long stalks that float above muddy water, and Buddhists believe that the growth of the flower is an example of the human struggle to surpass all of life’s hardships before achieving enlightenment—the full bloom of the flower.  11th century Confucian Scholar, Zhou Dunyi, wrote a famous short essay called “On the Love of the Lotus”, where he says: “I especially love the lotus, because while growing from mud, it is unstained.”


    Candice had the unique privilege of collaborating with Gillian Anderson, award-winning actress of The X-Files and co-star of Sold The Movie.  Gillian's handwritten "taught NOT trafficked" engraving on the backside of the tag is in honour of the campaign to help end child trafficking.  The proceeds from this bracelet will go to the #TaughtNotTrafficked campaign fund, which will give grants to help prevent child trafficking, and to help survivors of trafficking heal and empower themselves both vocationally and emotionally.  


    The bracelet is available in 18K yellow gold or sterling silver, and is made in CLFJ’s small independent studio in Hong Kong.  Price in HKD.  Sterling silver bracelet is approx $161 USD, and 18K yellow gold bracelet is approx $383 USD.

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