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This listing is in conjunction with Sarayu's Friendship Bracelet! If you'd like an additional diamond letter on your bracelet, pls add this to your cart. Thanks!! xx


10% of the sale of Sarayu's Friendship bracelet will be donated to Branches of Hope.


Here's the story of this bracelet: I was lucky enough to befriend Indian-American actress (and all-around lovely, genuine, funny & kind human), Sarayu Blue. Instead of making her a traditional friendship bracelet, I just so happened to have molds for the letters C and S, and enough leftover paperclip chain from another project to make 2 bracelets. So this ended up becoming my version of a friendship bracelet!


Sarayu and I love wearing our bracelets so much that I'm making a limited number available with 10% of sales going to a Hong Kong based charity (selected by Sarayu). 


Why limited? I only have a small supply of this size paperclip chain left in stock, and I also don't have enough time to take custom orders! These bracelets are a special exception, because WE REALLY LOVE WEARING THEM. We hope you love them, too xx


FYI - I purposely designed the back of the letter to be plain gold (with no stone setting holes), so the letter can flip around when worn and look fab on both sides.


Branches of Hope is a local charity, serving asylum seekers and human trafficking victims in Hong Kong. Their mission is to restore dignity, justice, and hope to the vulnerable and marginalised in Hong Kong.

Please note: this item is made-to-order and will take around 3 weeks to make. Your patience is much appreciated!



Solid 14K yellow gold with natural diamonds. Diamond carat weight is dependent on letter (approx 0.12ct and up) 



Diamond letter is around 11mm x 7mm. 



585 "clfj" 


*Price is in Hong Kong Dollars (approx $499usd)

Additional Diamond Letter

  • Items purchased from the online store cannot be returned or exchanged.  All sales are final.  

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